Montag, 30. Juni 2008

The BMW V10 Hydrogen Tribute (free work)

Just a few weeks old, quickscannend doodle - photoshopped...posted!

The BMW LeMans Project (free work)

...there comes an inspiration and you immidiately start to sketch...LeMans Racer 2007

Free BMW Sketches 2006

couple of old doodles & sketches i did in 2006&2007

BMW 1 series

Sketches and Ideas "BMW X1"

A small coupe-based X1 offroader!


...some sketches for an BMW X1 which i did in 2006.

Free Interior-Work

Interiors 2007...ok a little bit old! A strongly reduced interior for sports- and racecars!

Diploma with BMW Exterior Design 2005

Advisory by Thomas Bürkle & Jürgen Haussman. Special thanks to Adrian van Hooydonk who gave me the possibility to be there and Anders Warming for Inspiration!